Sunday, 3 January 2010

You have to be there

Something that I've noticed over the Christmas period is that people, obviously with a bit of down time, seem to decide to 'top up' their online networking, by spending a bit of time on forums, Twitter etc, even if they haven't been seen for weeks or months.

If they're using this to give them a kickstart into online networking great, but just dipping in and out simply doesn't work.

You've got to be there, you've got to be a presence in the online world if that is where you want to build your business and reputation. If you want to be the best known estate agent online, or the best known copywriter, or the best known whatever, you don't have to spend money but you do have to spend some time. Immerse yourself, find the people who are talking about the subjects on which you have a view or opinion and get in there.

I believe, in the UK in 2010 you have a massive opportunity to build your brand online but please don't think you can do it by dipping in and out when it suits you. You have got to be there when your potential clients and customers are there. You have got to be there to answer the ad hoc questions that come up online. You have got to be there for the chat.

Stop thinking that you don't have the time for this. If you want to build your business online, you need to start thinking that this is where you must be spending your time.

Have a great 2010 and if you have any comments, post them here or @NoRedBraces