Thursday, 12 November 2009

Don't forget to listen to the feedback

I've been really lucky this week to have had some positive feedback on some of the stuff that I've done and ,equally, some feedback where people didn't think I'd got something quite right. In one case someone said they wanted to tell me "as a friend".

I've got to be honest and tell you that I didn't take it well at first. I'm not that thick skinned and it felt like criticism. But I thought about it overnight and used what they had said to slightly change my approach with someone. The results were spectacular and they had proved themselves a real friend by telling me.

When you're in business for yourself it's too easy to believe that you're right and everyone else is wrong. If people aren't buying it's because they're not the right customers, you need bigger businesses, you're in the wrong network; if people aren't coming to your seminars it's because of 'the recession'. The hard truth is that I've had to learn is to listen to the people who give me feedback. Sometimes I don't like it but, if I want to take the business and my life forward, it's worth listening.

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  1. I completely agree - getting constructive and helpful feedback really is a fantastic way to learn and grow. It's particularly important if you run your own business.
    In the corporate world, there are often processes in place to make sure that regular feedback happens (whether it's through performance reviews or whatever) but that really isn't an option for the self employed.
    Surrounding yourself with people whose opinion you value and who will give you proper, constructive feedback is a smart move. I agree that we might not always like the messages but if we trust the messenger, we need to listen :-)

  2. That was written from the heart and I absorbed every word.
    Feedback is just someone elses opinon, but at least if you receive the feedback then you can make the decision how to use that information.
    I know you well enough to say that there is much more positive feedback about anything that you do, than negative. You are ace!

    Nice blog by the way, its my first visit!

  3. Great post , Stef. It's so important to look at yourself and your own systems before blaming external influences.

  4. Its good to get feedback and its only feedback if it makes a difference. This helps us grow and evolve both professionally and personally.
    Nice blog Stefan