Monday, 2 November 2009

I've posted on business forums, but nobody ever takes any notice

This was another 'business forums don't work for my business' conversation I've had in the last few weeks. Turns out someone posts ads but nobody ever reads them and by the end of the day, they've sunk to the bottom of the page.

I know I've said the same thing in different ways several times, but posting ads for your business, if that's all you post, simply will not work.

When I walk post the Post Office in the village, I'm aware that there are postcards on a board, advertising stuff for sale. And I'm also aware that there are ads on business forums. If an ad is posted by someone I know, I will take a look. If in an ad title, there is a service I really want that week, I'll take a look. Otherwise I won't bother, and I suspect most people are the same.

Take the time to make yourself an active member of the forum community, in whichever way suits you. People often tell me they're too busy to do so, just as I'm too busy to read ads from people I don't know, for services I'm probably not interested in.

Join up your communities, make sure your Twitter followers know when you've posted an ad on a forum, tell your Facebook friends about it too.

These days, with Sky+, I hardly ever watch the ads on telly, I suspect a lot of people are the same. People also switch off, unfollow, ignore and don't read, people who only ever post ads. Join in first, the rest will follow.

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  1. Too true, its alittle (though not quite the same) like those people who approach you with clipboards in the street asking your opinions and trying to sell to you.

    If you knew them or had seen them day after day I'd expect that you'd be more inclined to help/listen but because you don't and they are selling to you, you backoff (or at least I do mostly :-) )